About this site

“The World can be Scripted.” – Joseph Molloy


It’s not to make money or get “followers”, this site exists to help others. 


I have posted all across the internet of my findings but some of them have been lost to time (looking at you, Technet). I have provided countless contributions to vendors, Microsoft, Dell all without any desire for credit or fame, but simply to make the job of the next guy easier.


This blog exists only to keep my own findings in one repository that I often find myself referencing long after they’ve been posted. The content might get updated or deprecated as I find better methods over time so keep your eyes peeled for new-and-improved processes. You could even subscribe to my wildly-infrequent and sporadic Newsletter if you want.


About Me:

I am a Systems Engineer turned IT Department Manager. I specialize in Cisco Networking, Windows Server, Azure, Active Directory, SCCM, and MS SQL Server Management.

My posts come from my experience managing and operating an IT Department for a large organization in the Inland North West. I offer internships to 3 local colleges and work diligently to train my staff to do what I do, all while managing the department. Out-of-the-box thinking is the only way forward in a constantly changing Technological World.